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Neue Sammlung — Rejected Accepted, 2013

What about all the well designed things that never made it into production? What about their authors? Questioning superlatives and hype in today’s communication culture, the exhibition intriguingly showcases rejected as well as accepted design pieces.

Photos: Myrzik & Jarisch

With its motto “Accepted”, taking account of both senses of the word, the second section of the exhibition reprises the approach taken by “Rejected”, presenting work that was actually realized by the same participants: Florian Böhm (photography), Mirko Borsche (graphic design), Ayzit Bostan (fashion design), Nitzan Cohen (industrial design), Saskia Diez (jewelry design), Stefan Diez (industrial design), Markus Frenzl (design reviews), Niklas Goslar (documentary films), Jonas Imbery (music), Steffen Kehrle (industrial design) and Sabine Magnet (lyric poetry). Accordingly, “Rejected/Accepted” can be defined not as a presentation of failure but as an appreciation of creative work. Kindly supported by: Ayzit Bostan, Florian Böhm, Jonas Imbery, Markus Frenzl, Mirko Borsche, Niklas Goslar, Nitzan Cohen, Sabine Magnet, Saskia Diez, Stefan Diez, Steffen Kehrle, and Denmark: Hay, Horsens | Germany: Dura, Fulda | e15 Design, Frankfurt a.M. | Gomma Records, Munich | PB0110, Hannover | Schönbuch GmbH, Bad Königshofen | Serien Raumleuchten, Rodgau | Sitzfeld, Berlin | Stattmann Neue Moebel, Ascheberg | Thonet, Frankenberg (Eder) | Wiedeman Werkstätten, Höchstädt | Italy: L’Abbate, Corno di Rosazzo, Udine | Mattiazzi S.r.l., San Giovanni al Natisone | Switzerland: Nanoo, Rickenbach.