Plug Shelf / Stattmann Neue Möbel / 2012

Plug Shelf is a simple shelf based on a clever plug-in system. It consists of only two elements, shelf boards and crossbeams, which are connected by means of a diagonal wooden dowel. Due to the simple construction and the high precision of the craftsmanship, the shelf can be assembled and disassembled without need for tools, screws or glue. Two persons can mount it in a very short time. Plug Shelf is available in three sizes, containing either three (S), four (M) or five (L) shelf boards.
Bookends can optionally be plugged in at the sides. If you want to put several units next to each other, we recommend using a special metal clip. The shelf is made of solid ash or oak wood. It is pure and reliable and can be used for storing toys, tableware as well as books. It is a shelf and a room divider at the same time.