House of Dekton / Cosentino / 2015

With Dekton, the Cosentino Group has launched a surface material whose dimensions are huge, and not only with respect to slab sizes. The iconic “House of Dekton” delivers a powerful experience of the ultra-compact Dekton surface and its many superior qualities. The 14-sided house is made entirely of Dekton, thus showcasing the material’s many different application areas: Floors, walls, roof, seating and a 14-sided table featuring the current colour palette are made entirely of the ultra-compact surface. The walls are made from large-format slabs (1.44 × 3.2m) arranged next to each other as in a house of cards. The “House of Dekton” is a place where visitors, architects, designers and clients can meet and experience Dekton.

“To explain a complex material such as Dekton, you need to use a very special approach. We knew right away that Steffen Kehrle and Dekton would make for a perfect match. We are delighted with the result, which can now travel to wow architects all over the world.”
Thomas Schmal, Area Director Cosentino Germany

The iconic House of Dekton features a perfectly balanced structural support system. More than 120 custom-made slabs of different sizes with a total surface area of 250m2 are used to create the interior and exterior walls, the floor and ceiling, as well as a continuous circular bench and a table. The slabs are mounted to a steel frame without any visible joints or connections: the pavilion’s load-bearing structure is created using crossbeams made from both chamfered profiles and steel girders used as gallows. The Dekton slabs are cut with waterjets and circular saws fitted with specially developed discs for cutting Dekton. The “House of Dekton” is 4.55m high, with a diameter of 6.5m and a total weight of 10.075kg.

Pictures by Myrzik & Jarisch