Eraser / Moree / 2009

Eraser is a minimalistic light cube with illuminating functionality.
How do we regulate the light? How to make lighting intensity visible? And how obvious is a dimmer really? –With the Eraser, dimming the light becomes an intuitively comprehensible act rather than something hidden in the technology of the light switch.Eraser also resolves the difficulty of dimming energy-saving bulbs in an elegant, convincingly functional way: the light cube in Eraser, which does not heat up because of the energy-saving bulb, produces light of a pleasant colour and can be slid continuously out of the aluminium body. The lamp becomes a big dimmer itself and whether placed on the floor, on a sideboard or on a bedside table, emits as much light as required anything from a restrained illuminating strip to a fixture capable of lighting-up a whole room.

Together with Julia Landsiedl